Five questions: Soesja Leugs

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We asked our model Soesja Leugs five questions about life and what inspires her






Who is Soesja Leugs?

A person that never truely is, but is always in progress. In a wider sense. I’m always looking for a deeper meaning of life, colour in my art and for romance and magic in every aspect possible.







What is your purest moment of joy?

I have so many! The purest joy for me can be a divine intervention of coincidence in any form, or just the feeling of being alive. Painting, dancing and creating are the most joyful to me.


How would you describe your perfect Sunday morning?

Coffee first (always) and some cuddles in bed with Shuggie, my dog and partner in crime and love. I would play a record and walk around for hours in my vintage Japanese kimono. 




How do you stay sane with the overload of information nowadays?

Painting... this slows me down and creates silence in my head but also inspiration for my soul. Everyone has one or few things that puts their feet on the ground. It is so important to me to take that time and silence to get inspired and at ease.


Is there something you can’t live without?

My dog, family and creating! Maybe not in that order, but I would feel so happy to carry all of them with me as often as I can. 


Also milky drinks: matcha, chai, golden lattes, cappucinos. I would choose those drinks over food anytime of the day (and night). 









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