welcome at my store

My name is Lisa Schotman, founder of The Collection One.

After studying and working in fashion companies, I wanted to create a place that offers carefully selected vintage pieces and items from brands that are honest about their production and use high-quality materials.

It is sad to see how disposable the fashion industry is nowadays.
With The Collection One I wish to inspire customers to choose clothes in which they can create memories. I want them to be able to buy items that they can enjoy for a long time and that are made by people who have been paid fairly for this.

transparancy at the collection one

carefully curated

I select brands by instinct, always keeping three things in mind: who made it, where it was made, and what kind of fabrics were used; so I can offer as much transparency to you as possible

Transparency to me means being honest and telling the story behind the items I sell. It is about empowering customers to make decisions that match their unique values and who they are.

On the transparency page where more information about the fabrics and brands and why I chose these fabrics and brands.

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