Ancáns collection of handcrafted accessories combines 
age-old techniques with a modern design aesthetic.
Firmly rooted in their Filipino heritage.
They manufactured in different regions, depending on material and 
method. Right now majority is in the Philippines--Cebu, Capiz, and 
Aklan in Visayas, Laguna, Bicol and Manila which are all in Luzon, 
and some in Jaipur and Kolkata in India.
A lot of our materials Ancán is using, make use of natural fibers s
pun into thread for textile weaving-this always begins with manually picking out material from the plant, hand-processing like scraping, etc. 
washing, sun-drying, knotting by hand and then finally weaving
them on a hand-loom
Dyes are used sometimes, depending on the material. 
It's a long process and this is what they find valuable and beautiful.
Ancán donates a part of all proceeds to the 
Right Start Foundation who are providing creative caring spaces
for the poorest children in the community.