Interior brands

Created in Portugal by true artisans, its fine stoneware products are unique, durable and timeless. The stoneware collections are complemented with mouth-blown glass and hand-painted colletions of terracotta, made in Europe.
With the increasing demand for sustainable growth, Casafina has made sustainability  their priority.The effort to go green and to minimize their impact on the environment is (always) a work in progress. It is no small task - yet for them, it's one of the most important.They commit themselves daily to protect the environment, avoiding unnecessary harm through the resources we use and the products they manufacture.
Their products are made Portugal and with % of recycled materials (clays and glazes), decreasing the use of capital, energy, and natural resources (clays and glazes), decreasing the use of capital, energy, and natural resources.
Costa Nova  
The brand produces innovative and sustainable stoneware made from the best natural resources in Portugal. Their stoneware products are eco-friendly, reusable and recyclable and they do single-fired production that saves energy and reduces emissions into the atmosphere.
Rustik Lys
Rustik Lys candles are largely handmade in a factory in Eastern Europe. The high quality of the candles and the honest way of producing are the most important for Rustik Lys. 
Frama CPH
Frama is a multi-disciplinary design brand that creates lifestyle objects that inspire the senses and encourage mindful living. 

With an emphasis on natural materials, simple geometries, 
and uncompromising quality, Frama’s work connects the imaginative with the practical, resulting in a uniquely warm and honest aesthetic.

The Danish brand returns to basics by creating objects with an honest and pure look, and a natural finish. Frama uses natural oak and produces in Europe.