about the brand

Lemon Poppy Tea

about the brand


Lemon Poppy brings you eco-friendly, organic herbal teas from the peaceful heights of Albania’s mountains to warm your heart and soul.

Through the traditional and cultural practises of tea drinking LEMON POPPY TEA brings you a piece of history.



Wild Mountain Tea

Traditionally used as a remedy for colds, this delicious herbal tea is rich in iron and antioxidants. Naturally caffeine free, this herbal tea is a delicate yet powerful herbal tea to hydrate, relax and recharge your energy.

from mountain top to your cup


Because LEMON POPPY TEA comes from a sacred place, they treat their farmers with care. The result is a beautiful product that nourishes, hydrates and calms you. From plant to package they believe in eco-friendly practises so that the journey of the tea remains pure, from mountain top to your cup.

The tea is hand picked and packed, in packaging made of agricultural waste. By producing in small batches LEMON POPPY TEA can ensure a smaller carbon footprint while guaranteeing a quality product.