Many Rhizomes

The name of the brand refers to rhizomes’ system, which connects with each other underground. The owner of the brand as an artist combines sculpturing and fashion design together. She creates bone rings which are little sculptures for fingers. In her artistic practice, she uses wool and jute as a tool to create a specific closeness between objects and the audience.

As a fashion designer, Zuza Piekoszewska creates items for everyday use inspired by fashion from previous decades, like balaclavas, net bags or hats. They are modernly deconstructed and comfortably customized. She inspires korean and french fashion designers. She loves contradictions, like clean minimalism with raw stitches or chaotic, flying threads.

Many rhizomes is one person brand. All of the items are created by hands and made of high quality materials, often recycled. Many rhizomes’ products are ecological and biodegradable.

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