Rhea. Originating from early Greek mythology, as the ‘The Great Mother’. Rhea represented the eternal flow of time and generations. With that responsibility - they take their knitwear seriously. Ringing true to the name, Rhea manifests the values and aesthetics of nature. Astutely aware of their societal role, their impact, and the profound difference we can make together. Committed to responsible consumption and cultivating sustainable buying habits within their community, they are practicing their intuitive purpose.

Product & Materials
Merino wool

Merino wool is the shining star and main ingredient for Rhea, with an incredibly impressive resume of technical qualities. Merino wool is a naturally soft, breathable, biodegradable, renewable, wrinkle resident, water repellant, naturally resilient, and all importantly extremely attractive product on the eye, as this is still fashion after all.

Tencel™ Lyocell
TENCEL™ Lyocell is a regenerated cellulose fibre with properties almost identical to cotton, without the same environmental impact. Using at least 5 times less land than cotton and 80% less water. 

TENCEL™ production is done without the use of pesticides or insecticides and is certified by the European eco-label Oeko Tex 100 as containing low levels of manufacturing chemicals and byproducts, which make its natural properties of high fibre tenacity, efficient moisture management, and gentleness to the skin all the more enjoyable to wear and work with. 

The modern fashion value chain is often global, complex and therefore un-transparent. Rhea consciously chose steps for each part of the process, from the main fiber sourcing, to the production process. In line with their philosophy, they have full traceability of every step in the production process. 

Rhea works with Blockchain Technology as a tool to guarantee traceability and transparency along the entire value chain. A unique QR code is generated for each knit of Rhea. Once you receive your knit you can scan the QR code to view the NATIVA Blockchain website, where you can trace the journey of the wool from wool to wear.  

 Do you have any questions about Rhea? Feel feel to reach out to me via chat or e-mail (lisa@thecollectionone)