We care about transparency. We believe that our customers have the right to know the sustainability stories behind all the items we sell in our store in Amsterdam.

Our brands 
We carefully select our brands and analyze how sustainable they are. Find more information about our brands at the ‘transparency’ section.

There are a few sustainable textile production standards. The two most well-known  are also the ones most of our brands work with are GOTS and OEKO-TEX. Find more information about these certification schemes here

We love to tell you more about the fabrics of the items we sell. On the fabric page, we tell you what the fabrics are made of and how the fabrics are produced.  Find more information about the materials at the ‘fabric’ section.

We believe in buying less, buying consciously, and buying everlasting items
To help prolong the life of your items, we put together some helpful tips on
how to take care of your clothes at the care section 

Handpicking vintage
We carefully curate our vintage and evaluate whether they still looks good. After we source vintage, we wash all items and if necessary we also bring it to Pamba; our dry cleaner. Pamba has many years of experience with environmentally friendly KWL cleaning, this means they dry-clean by using hydrocarbon rather than the harmful chlorine. 

Conscious Packaging
Our orders are shipped in crafted paper bags from the Climate Neutral Company, made of FSC wood.