Let me introduce the brand: Ancán, a beautiful brand from the Philippines. The brand name Ancán comes from the word /Ang-kan/ (means family and ancestry.) At Ancán they value the practice of passing down things. Like the stories they were told as children. 

Celebrating origins and stories otherwise forgotten, they focus on objects that allow you to see, feel and carry a piece of a place and people. Telling a new narrative rooted on age-old methods. The same way that heirlooms are just beautiful objects that had more time.

They aim to help preserve traditional craft by supporting the communities that make them. Firmly rooted in their Filipino heritage. 


Ancán, ethically made in the Philippines
They manufactured in different regions, depending on material and  method. Right now majority is in the Philippines--Cebu, Capiz, and  Aklan in Visayas, Laguna, Bicol and Manila which are all in Luzon, and some in Jaipur and Kolkata in India.

A lot of our materials Ancán is using, make use of natural fibers spun into thread for textile weaving-this always begins with manually picking out material from the plant, hand-processing like scraping, etc. washing, sun-drying, knotting by hand and then finally weaving them on a hand-loom. Dyes are used sometimes, depending on the material.  It's a long process and this is what they find valuable and beautiful.

Ancán donates a part of all proceeds to the  Right Start Foundation who are providing creative caring spaces for the poorest children in the community.