about the brand


about the brand


Aure is a Copenhagen-based design studio founded by four individuals with shared passions and diverse skills. Inspired by natural materials and textures. Aure creates garments, artworks, interiors, and visual designs that lean towards simple aesthetics.

Aure Garments is a line of unisex clothing made to outlast the cycles of fashion. It is characterized by its small-scale and attention to handicraft.

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the fabric they use

Organic cotton

Aure used organic cotton produced by Aure's supplier in India. They have been working with them for the last four years.

The garments were previously made in Lithuania. Still, they decided to have their last batch made close to their fabric supplier in India, as it simplified logistics and unnecessary shipping.

Manufacturing of their collections has been done in Luthuania, Portugal and India

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care instructions

garment care

Garment Care
This fabric of the Aure Atelier Trousers and Painter's Jacket has not been dyed or chemically processed and is more prone to shrinking when you wash it. That is why Aure recommends dry cleaning.

If you do choose to wash it, you should:

– Turn your garment inside out. 
– Either hand wash or machine wash, choosing the lowest temperature and gentle cycle. 
– Hang to dry.
– To help maintain the size and shape of your garment, gently stretch it a few times while drying.
– Press it with a warm iron using steam.