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almond in a glass

Almond in a glass ceramics are made in Amsterdam by Carly Wollaert, using wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques.

Carly has been under the spell of the craft of ceramics since 2019, addicted to the freedom of being able to create almost anything she’d like by turning clay into a vessel. Hours fly by when she gets into a meditative state of throwing or handbuilding.

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Aure is a Copenhagen-based design studio founded by four individuals with shared passions and diverse skills. Inspired by natural materials and textures. Aure creates garments, artworks, interiors, and visual designs that lean towards simple aesthetics.

Aure Garments is a line of unisex clothing made to outlast the cycles of fashion. It is characterized by its small-scale and attention to handicraft.

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Being completely in awe of the world around us, Tamasine (founder of BOKETO art) is forever inspired by raw materials, craftsmanship, and the pure beauty of nature. Tamasine also loves to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. She believes that art plays a big role in this, bringing a space together and making it complete. Some may call it styling, others may call it attention to detail, but Tamasine likes to think of art as a story.⁣

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By Signe

By Signe stands for honest and sustainable fashion without compromise. Whenever possible, they keep their fabric unbleached and only in natural colors.

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Frama is a multi-disciplinary design brand that creates lifestyle objects that inspire the senses and encourage mindful living.

With an emphasis on natural materials, simple geometries, and uncompromising quality, Frama’s work connects the imaginative with the practical, resulting in a uniquely warm and honest aesthetic.

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Hara The Label

HARA (meaning green in Hindi) is a clothing label designed for you and our earth collectively. They consciously create soft and beautiful pieces with sustainable and ethical practices at the core. They strive from seed to store to empower lives and rejuvenate the earth.

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Lemon Poppy Tea

Lemon Poppy brings you eco-friendly, organic herbal teas from the peaceful heights of Albania’s mountains to warm your heart and soul.

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Licia Florio

Nail polish is a varnish for nails, but you can always choose the best quality, the best ingredients, the best recipe to wear on your nails.

Their recipe avoids all of the potentially harmful ingredients. Licia Florio's high-quality nail polishes are toxic-free, cruelty-free (not tested on animals), vegan, and Made in Italy.

In their exclusive nail polish recipe there are no toluene, formaldeide libera, dibutil ftalato, camphor, benzene, xylene, formaldeide resina, trifenil fosfato, ketones, phathalates, polyurethane, petrochemical solvents, polyurethane film-formers, parabens, mercury, lead, FD&C, coal tar, gluten, wheat by-products, aromatic, hydrocarbons or animal byproducts.

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L.U.C.A. Atelier

Marjolijn Scholten, a Willem de Kooning graduate and designer, seeks to explore the timefulness in components of the natural world, the fastness yet simplicity of the natural, creating the essential.

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Many Rhizomes

As a fashion designer, Zuza Piekoszewska creates items for everyday use inspired by fashion from previous decades, like balaclavas, net bags, or hats. They are modernly deconstructed and comfortably customized. She is inspired by Korean and French fashion designers and loves contradictions, like clean minimalism with raw stitches or chaotic, flying threads.

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Rhea. Originating from early Greek mythology, as the 'The Great Mother'. Rhea represented the eternal flow of time and generations. With that responsibility - they take their knitwear seriously. Ringing true to the name, Rhea manifests the values and aesthetics of nature. They are astutely aware of their societal role, impact, and the profound difference we can make together. They are committed to responsible consumption, cultivating sustainable buying habits within their community, and practicing their intuitive purpose.

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Sensitive Boy Ceramics is owned and operated by Julia Saldaña, an artist and potter from Boston and now living in Amsterdam.

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Studio Mitsu

Mitsu, Japanese for light, is the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. At Studio Mitsu, they believe that lighting up your life can be done with extra aesthetic value. Cherish the special moments in life and create everlasting memories with your loved ones within the warm ambiance of Mitsu’s handmade design candles.

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Young Frankk is a contemporary jewelry line founded by Christine Young; an artist turned jewelry designer and proud first-generation Korean American. Trained as a painter, Young was drawn to jewelry as she experimented with new mediums, creating pieces of wearable art that culminated in a cohesive collection.

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