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By Signe

By Signe stands for honest and sustainable fashion without compromise. Whenever possible, they keep their fabric unbleached and only in natural colors.

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St. Agni is an Australian independent design studio exploring contemporary wardrobing through considered design and precise tailoring, that speaks to a minimalist aesthetic. Since its conception the studio lives by the philosophy of ‘less is more’, keeping versatility and longevity at the forefront of decision making.

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Rhea. Originating from early Greek mythology, as the 'The Great Mother'. Rhea represented the eternal flow of time and generations. With that responsibility - they take their knitwear seriously. Ringing true to the name, Rhea manifests the values and aesthetics of nature. They are astutely aware of their societal role, impact, and the profound difference we can make together. They are committed to responsible consumption, cultivating sustainable buying habits within their community, and practicing their intuitive purpose.

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Lemon Poppy Tea

Lemon Poppy brings you eco-friendly, organic herbal teas from the peaceful heights of Albania’s mountains to warm your heart and soul.

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Being completely in awe of the world around us, Tamasine (founder of ) is forever inspired by raw materials, craftsmanship, and the pure beauty of nature. Tamasine also loves to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. She believes that art plays a big role in this, bringing a space together and making it complete. Some may call it styling, others may call it attention to detail, but Tamasine likes to think of art as a story.⁣

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boogie bougie

Boogie Bougie started with a love for fragrances and the ritual of lighting a candle, turning spaces into homes. Each candle is handcrafted in their Antwerp Atelier and blended with rich fragrances reminiscent of walks in the forest, long days at the beach, blooming spring flowers or foreign places. A wealth of sensual adventures, spun in wax and wicks.

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