Viscose Amsterdam

Are you interested in purchasing clothing made of viscose from a sustainable company in Amsterdam? The Collection One is an independent boutique that offers a selection of neutral vintage and sustainable items. We carefully handpick items that are made of beautiful, durable fabrics and materials that last for a lifetime. The items we sell in our (online) shop are either sustainable or vintage and are made from gentle fabrics like viscose, linen, silk and Tencel. Discover our collection of conscious fashion!
Discover our viscose clothing collection in our store based in Amsterdam
Viscose is a fabric that feels incredibly nice and soft, perfectly absorbs moisture and has a luxurious look. It is made from natural wood fibers, but the processing of this raw material is a chemical process, which makes it a semi-natural fiber. The viscose clothing we sell in our store based in Amsterdam are a must-have in every wardrobe. Its soft feel, comfortable fitting and gentle appearance is what makes a clothing item made of viscose perfect for everyday wear. We love clothing with a perfect fit and a neutral look: fashion that is timeless and not bound by size or gender. Our three pillars are simplicity, durability and uniqueness. That is why we offer a collection of sustainable items with a simple, but beautiful design that you can wear and keep forever.
Buy consciously
Visit our (online) store based in Amsterdam to discover our vintage items and our durable clothing made of sustainable fabrics, like viscose and Tencel. Do you have a question or do you want some more information? Feel free to contact us via or fill in our contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.