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Wash & Care

how to wash: the fabrics

how to wash wool

Wool is self-cleaning, anti-bacterial, and dirt-repellent. As a result, you do not have to wash your woolen clothing often.

The knits of Rhea are machine washable. We advise your washing machine's delicate cycle or wool cycle. Please choose a low temperate, 30 degrees maximum. We also recommend a mesh washing bag for heavier knits to help keeping their shape during the spin cycle.

Do not put woolen clothes in the dryer.

how to wash tencel

You can wash most of the Tencel fabrics at 30 or 40 degrees. However, ensure you don't use too much detergent; this can affect the colors.

Please always check the label of Tencel clothes. Some Tencel items are more delicate and need a handwash.

Do not put Tencel clothes in the dryer.

how to wash lyocell bamboo

At this moment we only sell HARA the label, with products made of Bamboo Lyocell.

We recommend handwashing all your HARA pieces with cold water and a gentle, fragrance-free detergent.

Do nut put Bamboo Lyocell in the dryer.

how to wash cotton

Make sure that the temperature of your washing machine does not exceed 40 degrees because cotton can shrink when washing it for the first time.

Do not put cotton in the dryer.

how to wash silk

We always recommend handwashing silk – even if the label advises otherwise.

Use lukewarm water, no warmer than 30 degrees. Avoid other alcoholic liquids and use a mild detergent, especially for bleach.

Do not put silk in the dryer.