the benefits of cotton

Cotton is a soft and strong material and a good heat conductor. It also has good abrasion resistance,
meaning cotton offers a long-term quality guarantee.

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raw material

Cotton is a soft, single-celled fiber that grows from the
epidermis of the seeds of the cotton plant (Gossypium).

the fabric

In the spinning process, the raw cotton is turned into thread. To make the threads for cotton fabric, individual fibers are overlapped and are turned over and around each other. After that, the weaving process starts, where the thread is woven into the fabric.

Environmental Impact

Cotton is a water-intensive crop. It uses enormous amounts
of water during its cultivation.

Next to that, conventional cotton accounts for 16% of global insecticide releases, more than any other single crop.

organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown using methods that have a low environmental impact. For organic cotton, soil fertility is maintained, they disallow the use of GM seeds, and the organic cotton is grown without toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

The organic cotton used by our brands is GOTS certified.